July 7, 2011 - Bangkok, Thailand

After an extremely hot and frustrating last day in Bangkok. I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am to be on the bus out of here. Though it isn't exactly the luxury the brochure promised, knowing we'll be in beautiful Chiang Mai in just 12 hours is a real comfort.
We arrived in Bangkok around 12am yesterday absolutely exhausted and booked the first hotel we saw. Which isn't really in my penny saving nature but I was far beyond caring. The Swan Hotel actually turned out to be a fairly decent place, though quite overpriced. We woke around 9am just in time for breakfast thanks to the 1 hour time difference and went down stairs, a buffet much to Jürgen's approval.
Around 11am we managed to drag ourselves out of our nice air conditioned hotel room to explore the sticky streets of Bangkok. We decided that the most pleasant way of doing this would be to take an express boat trip. So we invested in a tourist ticket and off we plunged. Being good tourists we visited Bangkok Monkey Temple then made our way via Tuk Tuk to Koh Sun Road stopping in at a few temples along the way. We headed back to the hotel around 4 pm for a much needed shower and nap. Our evening was pretty uneventful, Jürgen brought home some kind of fisheye soup for dinner which he thoroughly enjoyed alone.
Today however was less enjoyable. Our hotel had booked us a tour of the city but the guide didn't show. Jurgen lost his iPhone and we had both gotten a little fed up with the amount of people and city fumes. We booked oneway bus tickets to Chiang Mai and left around 6pm. Hopefully it's as wonderful as i remember.


Bangkok Monkey Temple
Bangkok Temple
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