Arrival in Chiang Mai

July 8, 2011 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Our journey to the north of thailand was a very long one, but fotunately we did eventually make it to Chiang Mai.

The luxury VIP sleeper really didn't live up to it's name but luckily I have mastered sleeping under not so ideal conditions. We both managed to get a full eight hours in true backpacker style (seated upright), I'm finally thankful for those freezing nights back home in the front seats of Jürgen's ute.

However, we were both in dyer need of a shower and some fresh clothes. Even though our room was booked well in advance we were told it wouldn't be ready until 1pm, this left us with a good 6 hours to kill in the sweltering streets of Chiang Mai.

After some lunch and a bit of a wonder we headed back to the hotel. Our room was ready and the fact that there weren't any clean towels didn't faze us at all. Just the thought of a cool shower made me giddy with excitement. The room was nice enough and the air-con was a real treasure. Our 3 day treck was booked for the next day so we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and getting to know the city.

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